Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Trip- Day 8

Hooray for Hollywood!
Saturday was our tourist day! We originally planned to go to the LA Zoo but decided to just do the Hollywood Blvd. stuff instead.

Here we are at the famous Pink's Hot Dog Stand on LeBrea Street. It took us 40 minutes in line to get get these incredible hot dogs. There is something special about the "snap" you get when you bite into the hot dog's natural casing. It is not your grocery store variety hot dog! Plus it is fun to get crazy ingredient on your dog!

Terrence got a "Chicago Polish Dog." I ordered a "Mullholland Drive." Mine had grilled onions and mushrooms plus bacon and nacho cheese. It was delicious!
Dane got a plain bacon and cheese dog. Ed got a chili cheese dog with onions.
Mason ordered a "Lord of the Onion Rings." He ate the entire thing plus fries!
Clark ordered a bacon, chili, cheese dog and polished it off!
Next we headed to Hollywood & Highland to the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards are held each year. We walked down to the the Mann's Chinese theater to see the hand and shoe prints of famous people.
The boys wanted their picture with Arnold's prints.

Driving in, Ed said he would love to meet Tom Hanks. This was as close as he got!

We walked up and down a few blocks of Hollywood Blvd to look at the stars. We found a Dane and a Clark as well as other famous people like Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Barbara Striesand, and many others.....

Back in the Kodak building, we walked up to the 3rd floor for the views. On one side, you can see down into the shopping area with the dancing waters. Out the other side, we could see the famous Hollywood sign!
We made a quick run to the LA Farmer's Market for some veggies and fruit for dinner before heading back. Terrence grilled chicken breast and veggies for dinner. It was super yummy!

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