Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Trip- day 6

Thursday was Rollercoaster Day for Clark at Knotts Berry Farm!

Dane meets Snoopy in the kid section
of the park called, "Camp Snoopy."
The Lucy Van Pelt Show.
Dane rides The Great Balloon Race.
Terrence, Clark, & Mason on the Space Needle, 180 feet in the air. They saw all the way to Catalina Island, nearly 90 miles away.
Clark and Terrence hang on for dear life on the Wipe Out!
Mason screams for dear life on the Wipe Out!

Dane under the waterfall entrance
to Camp Snoopy.
Ed and Clark going up on the Boom-A-Rang Coaster.
(2nd car, first row)
Dane on the Carousel.
Ed and Clark put on a brave face
before the coaster takes off!
Here is a video of the the guys coming down the Log Ride. Start watching at the top of the drop for them to come down.


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