Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Trip- day 4

We spent another fun filled day at Legoland. I didn't take my camera instead opting to use Clark's Power Shot..... just in case you notice a difference in pics from previous days.

Today we made sure to catch anything we missed yesterday, both rides and shows. We watched all three 4-D movies and caught the show called "Journey to the Lost Temple." Mason got to go on stage as one of the Egyptian Dancers. He is in the middle- blue shirt. (Here is where I really wished I had my big camera!! Oh, well!)

Darth Vader
An Italian Dude

Beetle Bounce
Lego Miniland U.S.A.
7 cities, 20 million bricks, 3,500 people and 1 toilet
Everything is made out of Legos!

Dig Those Dinos

Clark and Mason participated in "Mind Storm."
It was a 45 min. hands on crash course on Lego RoboticsCoast Cruiser
(and 2 Lego creation views from the ride)

Swabbies Deck
(water play)

And one more gorgeous flower!
We have played hard for 2 days! We are looking forward to an easy day tomorrow!

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Amber said...

How Fun!!! We will have to go there some time :)