Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Trip- day 3

We love Legoland!!!

The last time we were at Legoland, Clark was 6 yrs. old (a month shy of turning 7) and Mason was 3 yrs. old. Clark claims to have some flashes of memories of Legoland. Mason has none.

One of our two main reasons for coming out here this summer was to give Dane the Legoland experience. And what an experience it has been! Not only is Dane having the time of his life, Mason is too! Clark is having fun with what he can. To his credit, he is being respectful and going with the flow knowing his big day is coming on Thursday.

Back to Legoland.... it is nice to come back and find some things just as Ed and I remember them. It is also nice to find all the new rides and attractions that have been added. It is a beautiful place with perfect weather and fun, fun, fun! (And with the combination of coupons and free passes, we got in with a great price!) We got to the gate as the park opened and did not leave until closing time. (10:00am to 6:00pm)

Picture time!
You will notice that everything is made out of Legos or made to look like gaint Legos. So very cool!
Sky Cruiser

Kid's Power Tower
Fun Town Fire Academy
Mummified Mason
Skipper School

The Bridge Keeper

Camel Shepherd and CamelCargo Ace
Safari Trek
Volvo Driving School

Sky Patrol
Three monkeys win 3 monkeys on the board walk.

Sponge Bob
Indiana Jones
The Royal Joust

I really loved looking at the different plant life. It is so very different from what we see in Texas! I snapped photos of some of my favorites in the park.

We will spend another day at Legoland tomorrow.

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