Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Trip- day 2

We made it all the way to Carlsbad, California after a looooong day in the car- 780 miles just today. We passed through 3 states to get here!

We left New Mexico after a little breakfast in the hotel in Las Cruces.There wasn't a state line sign at the Arizona state line so we took a pic at the Visitor's Center. (Mas & I had our eyes closed so I cut us out of this first pic!)

The most noticeable thing was the terrain. We were surprised at the Seguaro Cactus. There would be huge patches of it and then none at all. We found a couple of places to pull over so I could shoot some photos.

Notice the bee in the picture below. Nice little nature addition!
We crossed into California to no state line sign that we could get to or anything other than potties at the first rest stop. Instead, the rest stop was right across the street from the Imperial Sand Dunes. We couldn't get to them but we could admire them. I whipped out my telephoto and shot the dunes. I love how the shadows make the edges look crisp and deep.

We are all very tired. It was a much longer driving day than we expected so it is here I say, "good night!"

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