Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer trip- day 1

Hi, folks! Ed here, sharing a couple of pictures from the first day of our dash to California. We drove today from Austin, Texas, to Las Cruces, New Mexico, a total of about 650 miles. For those who are "map-challenged," Las Cruces is about 60 miles west of El Paso along I-10.

The most shocking event of the day -- and you should sit down here as you absorb the full intensity of this moment -- we Limbaughs actually left the house at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, a full 30 minutes ahead of schedule! I know! Can you believe it?!

Our trip was mostly uneventful , although we took a nice break to ride the Wyler aerial cable car to a scenic overlook atop a 5,600 foot peak above El Paso. I say "we" when I really mean "Dad and Mason" because the others just didn't have the guts to climb in the swaying cable car!

Well, we'll post more later, but here's a few pics of our day.

Mason and Dad are almost ready to board the cable cars. This picture was taken from the perspective of the more cautious Limbaughs who stayed at base camp.

Up, up, and away! We're headed to the top. The cable car reached a max height above the ground of about 215 feet during its ascent. It was beautiful, but also a long drop if the cable broke (which, of course, it didn't).

Halfway up the hill now. We were on the left. The other cable car is descending on the right.

Mason at the top, proof that he did it!

Dane Robert takes a look around back at the base station, which is still a good ways up the slope and had a nice view of El Paso. He's dressed as his alter ego, Spiderman, just in case he needed to web-climb down the mountain.

Clark takes his turn checking out the City from base camp.

Lisa shot these two pictures of the local flora as she also waited at the base camp for our return.

After our short stop in El Paso, we head down the road a few more miles to Las Cruces. Of course, we took the traditional photo at the state line as we crossed into New Mexico!

We'll post again tonight (Sunday) when we've reached our final destination, San Diego!

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