Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer trip- day 5

All aboard the Lord Hornblower!

We drove to downtown San Diego on Wednesday. We cruised the North San Diego Bay. It was a nice one hour cruise complete with narration so we knew what we were seeing!

Lord Hornblower
The boys walking down the pier to the ship.
I LOVE this shot! The Navy is training dolphins to detect enemies as they swim along side Navy ships and subs. We were lucky enough to see the training in progress. I was lucky enough to get this great shot- one out of four I fired with my camera and telephoto lens.

A Navy helicopter flying over head.

Two helicopters in tight formation.
Ed and the boys enjoying the cruise.
A Naval Ship docked and being loaded to leave out.
The Coronado Bridge.
A submarine leaving the bay. Good timing for us!
A ghost ship......... boo!
Seals and Sea Lions sunning themselves.
From there we drove to Buena Park, California to Terrence and Dennis' house. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we had a lazy dinner with lots of catching up!

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er1ca k said...

Seeing the photos of SD, especially Seaport Village (that's where you were at the Hornblower Cruise & Coronado Bridge), made me homesick.

Love the photos of my hometown!