Monday, June 1, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was the Kindergarten Graduation. Dane had a big family turn out... his Mom and Dad, Grandad and Grandlally, and Nanny.

Dane was so silly, as you will see, about the whole thing. He didn't know everyone was coming so seeing us all there seemed to turn him into a first class goofball!

Dane waits in line for his name to be called.

He is next... look at the face and tongue!He shakes hands with the principal.
Hope his tongue was back in his mouth!
He is looking at his award like it is crazy...
or maybe HE is crazy!

Group shots with his guests.

Back in the classroom,
Dane shares work from his portfollio.
Up close with Mom,
Dane shows his award.
Dane with classmates-
Diego, Andre, & Delton

Dane with the wonderful Mrs. Russell.
Dane with his "dream girl" Olivia.

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