Monday, June 8, 2009

Kidfish winners!

This past Saturday, the boys and I tried our hand at fishing by entering the Kidfish Tournament sponsored by the City of Pflugerville at our local Lake Pflugerville.

Very surprisingly, Dane won 1st place in the 0-to-6-year-old category!

And Clark won 2nd place in the 12-to-16-year-old category with a 10-3/4 inch bass that he caught all by himself!

Twenty minutes before the contest ended, Dane reeled in a 5-3/4 inch perch, which we very nearly tossed back because Clark and I were sure someone would have caught a bigger one. Dane insisted we have the fish measured just so he could be logged as having caught a good 'un. We climbed in the truck and drove from our secret fishing spot back to the check-in table. Dane was pretty proud when Mr. Buesing told him he had a good catch.

We let our fish go, drowned a few more worms, then headed back to the closing ceremony at 12:00 noon. We really didn't anticipate winning anything when we set out that morning, but we were very, very pleasantly surprised when the tournament officials called my boys out as top winners! Clark got a big trophy, a fancy fish stringer, and a 5-volt flashlight for winning 2nd place! Dane got an even bigger trophy, a fancy stringer, and a tackle box!

Here's a shot of the tournament winners. Dane is the second from the right, and Clark is the second from the left.

This is Dane's winning catch. It was the only fish he caught all day, but it was enough to win!

Here's Dane with his tackle box and trophy!

Clark's bravely holding his bass before setting it free.

Here's Clark grinning while he shows off his trophy.

Mason had a ton of bites, but he never quite hooked a lunker. Even so, he had a great time and begged to go back the next day.

I'm really glad I went fishing with the boys.

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