Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End of Year Teacher Party

Once again, we invited over elementary school staff and teachers for an "end- of -year" dinner at our house. It is a fun tradition that we enjoy and seemingly the guests do too. This year we included some friends with kids at the school, so we had a great crowd.

We had dinner and drinks. This time I made my delicious Shredded Asian Chicken, Dill Cucumbers, Deviled Eggs with bacon, Roasted Corn Salad, Roasted Garlic Hummus, fresh fruit, and Ruffles Chips. Some of the other families brought drinks and desserts. The teachers were not supposed to bring anything although one did!

Principal Christie Olivarez and hubby Michael- standing
Tommy and Keri Klumker, Andres Brown (Mason's guitar teacher & 2nd Grade Teacher) and Andy Monica

Ed, Shannon Cantu, Joel and Daniel Reyna (Pre-K Teacher) and Michelle Monica

Yasu Tsujimura (Kindergarten Teacher and member of the Acapella Bulldogs), Dane, Debbie Russell (Dane's Kindergarten Teacher, AnaLisa, Ava, and Iliana Barrera-Lubman (2nd grade Teacher), and J. Lubman (Mason's 4th Grade Teacher from last year.)Ian, Dana, Clark, & Simon

Unfortunately Mason's 5th Grade Teacher couldn't make it! :-(

After darkness set in, the kids set up the living room with the disco ball and Clark's iPod playing. It was fun to watch all the different ages dancing their dances!

At one point everyone was upstairs playing pool, air hockey, chatting, or watching the video gaming going on. That has never happened before. Now I am thinking "sectional!"

The funniest thing was a new game that was invented when the Tequila ran out! Tommy Klumker gets all the credit for coming up with this fun game! A bunch of us took turns adding an ingredient to the blender- food item or liquor. A couple of us "taste tested" in between rounds till we got something that had flavor. (For the record, it took about 5 or 6 rounds to get it good enough!) Just when we thought the concoction was never going to improve, Strawberry Sorbet was added. That saved the drink! We polished it off quickly!

The next day, I found this cartoon that reminded me of the new drink mixing game- Click it to read it full size.
It was a fun night! Ed and I loved that everyone stayed so late! It started at 5:30pm with the last big group leaving at 11:45pm. Dane told everyone the party was going to midnight... man, was he close!

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Ed L. said...

You're thinking "sectional for the upstairs!" I'm thinking "Not!"

Love, your husband, who says dreaming of furniture means a new job must be in your plans!