Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Birds

I posted before we left that we had a nest with two eggs on our hose holder. We got a report from Mom, who was house & pet sitting while we were on out trip, that the eggs had hatched. I finally got some pictures to share of the babies and the mama bird.

A close up of a baby.

Mama bird and two babies. See their eyes?
The bigger picture of their nest arrangements.

Their feathers are dry and getting thicker. I expect them to fly away within the week. It will be nice to roll the hose up again. We have been respectful and not bothering them.


Ed L. said...

They're really cute birds. It's such a neat experience to find baby birds so close to the house.

Lisa said...

Mason reported today that the babies and Mom are gone! Bye, bye, birdies!