Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Birds

I posted before we left that we had a nest with two eggs on our hose holder. We got a report from Mom, who was house & pet sitting while we were on out trip, that the eggs had hatched. I finally got some pictures to share of the babies and the mama bird.

A close up of a baby.

Mama bird and two babies. See their eyes?
The bigger picture of their nest arrangements.

Their feathers are dry and getting thicker. I expect them to fly away within the week. It will be nice to roll the hose up again. We have been respectful and not bothering them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Trip- day 12

We're home! We left Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 7:30 on Tuesday morning and pulled into our driveway in Pflugerville just before 8:00 p.m. that evening. All in all, we drove 3,218 miles door-to-door on our vacation. California was fun and a very nice break from the Texas heat, but we're glad to be back in our own beds.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Trip- day 9 & 10

Day 9
Sunday was Huntington Beach Day. Ed took the boys to go for a few hours of beach fun. I stayed at the house to do laundry and try to stop my sneezing! (Don't know what was in the air but it was upsetting my allergies!)

On the way, they stopped to try the "In-N-Out" burgers. The boys reported that the burgers were great but the fries not so good. Hummmm.......

I wish I had pictures of Huntington Beach but there was some confusion about who was to "grab the camera." Consequently, no one did. So no pics!

We had pizza and salad for dinner with Terrence and Dennis before indoctrinating Dennis into the hilarious world of Ricky Bobby (in the movie Talladega Nights.).

Day 10
Monday morning we pulled out of the drive way at 5:15am. We drove 13 hours to get to Las Cruises, New Mexico for the night. No pics from today either.

We stopped for lunch at "In-N-Out" burgers so I could try my first burger there. I agree with the boys. The burgers were good and the fries bad.

For dinner we stopped at a local New Mexico Mexican restaurant called "Spanish Kitchen." It was interesting. Not the wonderful Tex-Mex we love but certainly an experience and well received since we were "starving" after the long drive!

We plan to get up early and be on the road between 6:30 and 7am. We have another full day of driving since we decided to go straight home and not sight see out here. We are all looking forward to getting home after a long, fun, and busy vacation!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Trip- Day 8

Hooray for Hollywood!
Saturday was our tourist day! We originally planned to go to the LA Zoo but decided to just do the Hollywood Blvd. stuff instead.

Here we are at the famous Pink's Hot Dog Stand on LeBrea Street. It took us 40 minutes in line to get get these incredible hot dogs. There is something special about the "snap" you get when you bite into the hot dog's natural casing. It is not your grocery store variety hot dog! Plus it is fun to get crazy ingredient on your dog!

Terrence got a "Chicago Polish Dog." I ordered a "Mullholland Drive." Mine had grilled onions and mushrooms plus bacon and nacho cheese. It was delicious!
Dane got a plain bacon and cheese dog. Ed got a chili cheese dog with onions.
Mason ordered a "Lord of the Onion Rings." He ate the entire thing plus fries!
Clark ordered a bacon, chili, cheese dog and polished it off!
Next we headed to Hollywood & Highland to the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards are held each year. We walked down to the the Mann's Chinese theater to see the hand and shoe prints of famous people.
The boys wanted their picture with Arnold's prints.

Driving in, Ed said he would love to meet Tom Hanks. This was as close as he got!

We walked up and down a few blocks of Hollywood Blvd to look at the stars. We found a Dane and a Clark as well as other famous people like Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Barbara Striesand, and many others.....

Back in the Kodak building, we walked up to the 3rd floor for the views. On one side, you can see down into the shopping area with the dancing waters. Out the other side, we could see the famous Hollywood sign!
We made a quick run to the LA Farmer's Market for some veggies and fruit for dinner before heading back. Terrence grilled chicken breast and veggies for dinner. It was super yummy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer trip - Day 7

Friday was Long Beach Day. We started out at the Aquarium of the Pacific that sits on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach.

Here are some of the beautiful creatures we saw.

Dane got this Sea Lion to follow him down the glass tunnel. It was if the Sea Lion was playing a game of following the map that Dane was dragging back and forth across the glass.

Dane and Terrence at the "touch tank."

Mason gets brave and touches a String Ray.

Clark watches a Shark swim by.

Dory and Nemo!

Outside we visited the Loreet enclosure. We bought the cup of nectar to feed them.

Next we walked over to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant.
The whole place is based on the movie "Forrest Gump."
You even have to answer movie trivia to get your refills!

Dane's kids meal served in "Jenny" - the boat from the movie.

Ed ordered a spicy Mai Mai.

I ordered a Stuffed Shrimp. Yum!

The group shot!

After dinner we walked along the harbor and over to the Pier Bridge.

We then drove to the public beach area for the boys to wade and run from the waves.
The water was cold but they had a blast playing around!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Trip- day 6

Thursday was Rollercoaster Day for Clark at Knotts Berry Farm!

Dane meets Snoopy in the kid section
of the park called, "Camp Snoopy."
The Lucy Van Pelt Show.
Dane rides The Great Balloon Race.
Terrence, Clark, & Mason on the Space Needle, 180 feet in the air. They saw all the way to Catalina Island, nearly 90 miles away.
Clark and Terrence hang on for dear life on the Wipe Out!
Mason screams for dear life on the Wipe Out!

Dane under the waterfall entrance
to Camp Snoopy.
Ed and Clark going up on the Boom-A-Rang Coaster.
(2nd car, first row)
Dane on the Carousel.
Ed and Clark put on a brave face
before the coaster takes off!
Here is a video of the the guys coming down the Log Ride. Start watching at the top of the drop for them to come down.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer trip- day 5

All aboard the Lord Hornblower!

We drove to downtown San Diego on Wednesday. We cruised the North San Diego Bay. It was a nice one hour cruise complete with narration so we knew what we were seeing!

Lord Hornblower
The boys walking down the pier to the ship.
I LOVE this shot! The Navy is training dolphins to detect enemies as they swim along side Navy ships and subs. We were lucky enough to see the training in progress. I was lucky enough to get this great shot- one out of four I fired with my camera and telephoto lens.

A Navy helicopter flying over head.

Two helicopters in tight formation.
Ed and the boys enjoying the cruise.
A Naval Ship docked and being loaded to leave out.
The Coronado Bridge.
A submarine leaving the bay. Good timing for us!
A ghost ship......... boo!
Seals and Sea Lions sunning themselves.
From there we drove to Buena Park, California to Terrence and Dennis' house. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we had a lazy dinner with lots of catching up!