Sunday, May 24, 2009

Warhol Photos

With everyone but Dane being at some stage of bronchitis and pneumonia in the house, I found myself bored at midnight. Instead of watching another bad movie (Did anyone really like Mama Mia'? It hurt my ears! The singing was horrid!) I used the time on the computer and found this fun web site called Big Huge Lab. On this site, you can upload a photo and they will turn it into a Warhol style photo. There is no cost to make or to save the fun photos. It is fast, too! You can also order the photo in print form from them.

You can make the single block, the nine block, or there is a four block.

Isn't this cool??? I plan to play with it some more. I may even take some well lit close up face shots of all 3 boys to do some for possible purchase.

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