Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Day 2009

Today was Field Day at Mason and Dane's school. I was asked to be the "roving photographer" for the day. I ended up shooting 351 photos.

Dane's grade had the first part of the day to do the "Where's Bulldog?" activities. Mason was a helper for a first grade class so he got to be out for the first session too.
Bubble Station.
Water Balloon Station with Ethan.
The Chop Stick Chicken Relay.
Super Cute!

Potato Sack Race.Bathroom and Water Break.
Andre', Dane, Ahn, and Nicholas
Parachute Station.
Soaking Sponge Station.

Obstacle Course Station.

I had just enough time to come home for a sandwich and to down load my camera before I headed back. Mason's grade had the second half of the day for their activity time.
Soccer Station.
Soaking Sponge Station.
The guys.
Chris, Mason, Joel, Eric, & Wilson
Tug of War Station.
Obstacle Course Station.
The Cha-Cha Slide.

Somehow I ended up being in charge of the Field Day T-shirts. I got a teacher to do the art and a dentist to pay for the whole thing ($2,670)! (Every staff member and student got a free shirt!) I ordered white tees so we could let the classes decorate them.... or not. On Monday, I went in to Dane's class and showed them how to put rubber bands on their shirts. I brought the banded shirts home and dyed them. (I also invited all my friends that bought a shirt for themselves at cost to come over for a tie-dye party.) Mason's class wasn't going to do any thing more then sign each others shirts so I emailed the teacher. She agreed to a tie-dye plan. She had Mason show the class how to do the banding. I picked them up at the end of the day and brought them home for another round. I had left over dye so I heated it back up and got to work! Another Mom brought her two kid's entire class shirts over and we did them too! Whew! That was a total of 65 shirts, not including my own!

It was a long two nights of arts & crafts but the shirts turned out super cute!

Bonus photo- I took this shot of one of Mason's classmates. I really like the way it turned out so I thougt I would share. It has more to do with artsiness than field day!

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