Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of the Year Soccer Party

Wednesday night was Dane's end of the year soccer team party. We all met at Doc's, formerly Water Tank. They are high on my list because they have the BEST friend pickles I have ever had! EVER! But I digress. Back to the party.

We needed a good place to go with good food (fried pickles!!) where the kids could have a little freedom and all of us (22 people) could sit together comfortably. So, I called the owner of Doc's and asked him if he would give us "kid's eat free" if we brought the party there. He talked it over with his business partner and called back with an excited yes!

It was a nice evening. The kids all sat together and the adults all sat together. There was a little ceremony so Coach Leonard could hand out the trophies and goody bags.

Dane and his teammates-
Go Storm Hawks!
Dane shows off his trophy!

Dane has one more game left on Saturday. It is a make up for a rained out game in March.

Next year this team will be split and be placed on all boy and all girl teams. Should be interesting!

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