Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diversity Night

Our elementary hosted Diversity Night on Friday, May 29th. Once again, Grandad was invited to come and share his musical instrument collection. His table was called "International Instruments." Granlally couldn't make it so Grandad recruited Mason to be his helper.

Here are pictures from their table.
All set up and ready for people to come see their goods!

Dane and another kindergarten boy, Nathan, ran around together.
I caught up with them at this table.

Here is the post from last year's Diversity Night.

I didn't get to spend much time at the tables, taking photos, or watching the performers. I was busy with the small part to PTO played... food service, food sales, and the silent auction of baskets. You see, our "MayFest" which was scheduled for May1st was canceled by the district due to the Swine Flu scare. Twenty-four hours before the event was to take place, it was gone like that- poof! The only thing we could salvage was the food (easily frozen or not yet opened) and the silent auction baskets, which we stored at the homes of different PTO members. I bounced between the two helping where needed. I wrapped hot dog, bagged pickles, set up the food line, served nachos, served drinks, and helped monitor the silent auction room. Right before the performers, I was voted in as President of the PTO for next year.

In the end, we had to roll with the punches as Diversity Night was not ideal for the auction but it was all we had due to a very heavy end of the school year schedule. We didn't make very much money but we made some. So there you go!

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