Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dad and Dane plant a tree

Dane and I planted a tree in our backyard today.

Back in early April, I attended a banquet hosted by the City of Pflugerville to honor its volunteers. I was invited to attend for my role as a Board of Adjustment member. The City reserved a swanky conference room at Star Ranch Golf Club, catered a delicious meal, recognized each of the volunteers, and served a wonderful dessert. To top the evening off, the City gave each attendee a live oak tree to plant in their yards! What a fantastic idea! Each tree adds a little more greenery to the City but also serves as a thoughtful, lifelong momento of the event.

I brought my little tree home and plopped it on the back porch until we had time to plant it. Today was was planting day. Lisa picked the perfect spot in the back yard, and Dane and I started digging. Pretty soon we had our little fella settled in nicely. Dane was such a great helper, scooping the dirt around the tree and patting it into place. Then he rushed over with the hose to water it. Someday it will be a massive oak tree providing shade for the whole yard.
I wonder if we'll be around to see it grow to full maturity.

Here's a couple pictures from planting day.

Clark and Mason didn't help plant the tree, but they were helping in other ways. Today they both learned to weed-eat the yard.

We borrowed a weed-eater from the Harkey's so we'd have one for each boy and then fired them up.
The boys started off in the front, trimming along the edge of the house and fence. Pretty soon, though, we moved to the backyard after watching Mom grimace a dozen times at the scalping her yard was receiving. That proved to be a good move: the grass in the back was longer, there was more to trim, and nobody would see the results of their practice runs. By the end of the afternoon they were getting pretty good. Most amazingly of all, when they finished, they had all their toes still intact! Mom was convinced one of them would cut the other's leg off, but I'm pleased to report there was no bloodshed or tears.

I now have two young landscape artists who are eagerly looking forward to the next yardwork session. I'm a little teary-eyed, though. I never thought I'd see the day when I didn't have to mow and trim the yard. That miracle day has arrived, finally! I think I'll get some lemonade and sit on the porch while they do all the work. Now that's my idea of fatherhood!

Ed L.

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