Saturday, May 16, 2009

Band Banquet

Last night was the HHS Hawk Band Banquet.

Earlier in the week, Clark and Nanny went shopping for a new suit and shoes worthy of this prestigious night. They picked out a beautiful dark suit and snake skin shoes! They left it to be tailored so it would fit perfectly!

Here he is ready to go.... Doesn't he look sharp?

Here he is doing the Hawk hand gesture.

The banquet was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Austin. Clark rode down with our neighbor Abigail and two of her friends. Of course I had to snap a photo! Of course he had to stand away from the girls for the photo! One day he will appreciate this photo... the well dressed young man with THREE girls by his side! For now he does not!
He reported having a good time. He got home at 1:00am and got back up this morning at 7:15 to get ready to march in a parade that eventually got rained out. So he is currently in bed sound asleep.

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