Thursday, April 16, 2009


For the last several weeks at school, they have been selling "slime your teacher" tickets for a dollar. (All collected money goes to the Relay For Life fund.) The teacher in each grade whose class buys the most tickets gets slime dumped on their heads!!

Mason's class got to work! They collectively bought $100 in tickets landing Mrs. Craddock in the slime chair! In fact, they had the highest ticket sales in the whole school! Earlier this week, when it was clear that Mrs. Craddock was well above the rest of the 5th grade teachers, she challenged her class to hit $100. If they did, she would buy one additional ticket for each of them. So in the end they raised $136!! Nice!!!

As the person who personally bought the second most tickets, Mason got to team up with the highest buyer to dump the slime on Mrs. Craddock.
The "Before Shot"
Mason, Mrs. Craddock, & Eroica
All the teachers who had the highest tickets sold.....
moments before the sliming begins.

Ready, set, slime!

All the slimed staff!
The "After Shot!"
Mrs. Craddock was a great sport about it all!
That is one more thing we love about her...
she is willing to play along for the fun of it!
I know you all are wondering what the slime actually was.... white cake mix and lime jello mixed with water. I heard it tasted good anyway! :-)

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