Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Drop

Kindergarten had an Egg Drop today as part of their unit on eggs. All students were to produce a "container" to protect a raw egg from a drop off the top of the school building. Here are pictures from this fun morning.

Dane made his container in layers. First the egg in a baggy. Next he cut out 2 cups from an egg carton and taped them over the egg. Next he wrapped it in bubble wrap followed by a box made out of large styro foam pieces. Last was a layer of white packing material. All of this was held together with lots of tape!

Our two assistant principals were on the roof. Mr. O'Conner was dress as a chicken. He dropped the egg containers while all the kindergarteners watched on ground level. Here is a series of photos of Dane's container being dropped.

After all the containers were dropped, we went back to the classroom to open them to see if the eggs cracked or survived. Here is Dane opening his container with his teacher Mrs. Russell.

The egg survived much to Dane's delight!
Of the 15 kids that made containers in Dane's class, only 3 survived! The rest were all scrambled!

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