Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Fun!

My 42nd birthday was earlier this week. Yes, I usually lie about my age (counting backwards as I do) but there it is- my age- on the table for all to see! Write it down for I shall never mention it again!

Sunday night, thinking I was going to Shannon's house for a fish fry, I was greeted by a kitchen full of friends yelling "surprise!" And surprised I was!! They totally got me! And what fun it is to be the "victim" of a surprise party!

The first thing I said was to Ed.... "Did you know about this?" Duh, of course he did! The next thing I said was, "I didn't bring my camera!" Ed handed me my camera bag which he had sneaked into the van! (I ended up setting it down and only got a couple of pics after all.)

I have to mention the food! Shannon cooked up a storm and other guests came with appetizer dishes. Tons o' food!! There was so much I didn't get around to trying everything! But I had two favorites; Andy and Michelle's Bacon Wrapped Smokies and Shannon's Roast Beef Wraps. (Hopefully she will read this soon and send me the recipe.) No fish though. Guess she still owes me a fish fry!!

And then there was another incident of sneakiness. They (Shannon and my hubby) tricked me into making my Cupcake Bites for my own party! They are clever toads! Thank goodness that batch was yummy and cute!

Erin B. Picked out beautiful flowers. Turns out she used to work in a flower shop! She also picked out the perfect balloons that said "Who's Counting?" Exactly what I think, Erin! Who indeed!

Shannon, Erin B, and Ed worked hard on the party! Thank you!! I had a great time!

Right at the end, we took a girl photo but some of the girls were already gone!

Me, Keri, Madeline, Michelle, Erin B, Erin W, & Shannon
Me, Mom, Nana
On Monday, a group of the girls went to lunch at Doc's, formerly "Water Tank, Too." They have the BEST friend pickles I have ever had! During the course of the meal we went through 6 baskets of them! Their mini burgers are pretty good, too!

This was a nice lunch. We stayed from 11:30a to 2:15p eating and talking! And while I was there, I talked the manager into giving me three $25 gift cards for our upcoming MayFest silent auction! Woohoo!!

back row- me, Madeline, Michelle, Christie, Shannon
front row- Erica, Erin, Keri, Rachel

Monday night, Wayne, Lally, Oma, and Aunt Jim came to Pflugerville. We went out for birthday dinner to Golden Wok. They have excellent Pad Thai! That's my favorite dish there! Thanks, Wayne & Lally, for the birthday dinner! Going to that restaurant is such a treat.

Aunt Jim flew down from Iowa for a visit with her Texas family and it just worked out that she was here for my birthday! Lucky me!

I got one picture of Oma and Dane. Oma rubbed his back and the boy fell alseep on the couch! From there my camera stayed on the cocktail table while we went to dinner! Aunt Jim had a camera and we got a waitress to take a group shot so hopefully I will have that pic to post soon.
This just in!! Pictures from Aunt Jim's camera!!!
My cupcake bites with white chocolate bottoms. I made them and took them to the restaurant- hee, hee!
The group shot just outside Golden Wok.
Back Row: Aunt Jim, Lally, Wayne, Lisa
Middle Row: O'ma & Clark
Front Row: Dane & Mason

But wait, there is more! My friend Vicki couldn't make the Sunday or Monday celebrations so we got togther for lunch on Tuesday. We went to my favorite mexican restuarant, Baby Acapulcos. Mom joined us. We left there and went to the "going out of business sale" at Ritz Camera Store. (Vicki and I have identical cameras and mostly the same accssesories.) I was looking at the camera backpacks planning to use some birthday money to buy myself one when Vicki announced she was buying me one for my b-day present and one for herself too! I was surprised yet again! I got blue and she got black. Plus the sale was a good one- 30% off plus an additional 15% off on camera bags and packs!! Nice! Thank you again, Vicki!!

Whew! All the birthday celebrating was fantastic! Everyone was so generous and thoughtful! I was sure spoiled for a few days! I look forward to it again next year when I turn 37! (Remember, I am counting backwards now.)

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