Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Banana Splits

Hospitality threw another fun staff event today! Banana Splits!!

It started the night before when I placed the bananas in the staff mailboxes. Each banana had a note attached.

The staff saw them first thing this morning. They had all day to be excited!

Here is what the actual event looked like-

The PTO bought the ice cream and bananas. Sonic donated the banana boats, spoons, and napkins. Parents donated the toppings and bottled water. Yum, yum!

One funny story- I bought 3 flying monkey toys for door prizes. (The arms are like sling shots so you can shoot it across a room.) We drew the first ticket and found the winner. It was our new assistant principal. I said, "Stay there, it will come to you." I stretched it out and let fly to shoot it over to him, but it fell short and landed in the banana boat of a teacher sitting at the table ahead of him!!!!! Not only that, it landed in the banana boat like it was taking a bath, with the body laying perfectly down the length of the boat and the arms hanging out the side. That got a huge laugh, but I felt terrible for the girl who lost the last few bites of her split!!

I thought I heard someone say they took a camera picture of the monkey bathing in the ice cream. If I can find it I will post it!

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