Friday, April 24, 2009

Award Reception

Wednesday evening was the Pflugerville School District Volunteer Award Reception. As I posted earlier, I was invited to receive an award as the Highland Park Volunteer of the Year.

At the reception, they had tables set up in the hallway around the auditorium with punch, coffee, several varieties of cookies, and cakes. I carpooled with Shannon and Erin so we meandered around the hallway visiting and munching.

A group of HPES folk set together in the auditorium. (Ed even rose from his sick bed to come but we made him sit a few seats away so he didn't get any of my peeps sick with his coughing germs!)

The stage was nicely decorated with the awards table draped in a white cloth. The awards were so shiney! They also had large flower arrangements flanking the awards table. It was all lovely!

Our Superintendent Mr. DuPree started off with a little speech about how important volunteering is and what it means to the district, schools, and children. Then another lady took the mic to call names. They called by school and said a little blurb about each person. All I heard about me was "blah, blah, blah." At the same time she was talking about me, I was being thanked by the other district representatives and couldn't hear. (Later I asked my friends what was said. They all replied "Not nearly enough!" That made me feel great!)

Mr. DuPree

Receiving the award handed to me by Mr. Reese.

My friends in attendance!
Back row- Christie (our principal) Carolyn (our assistant principal), Andy, Michelle, & Shannon
Front row- Erin, me, & Raul
(Raul was named "Community Member of the Year." He is a grandfather, to one of our students, who volunteers a lot!
Close up of the award.

There is a short article about the reception on the district website if you are interested!

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