Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kindergarten Rodeo

Friday was Kindergarten rodeo! It was a great day for Dane. The fun began first thing in the morning for all the cowboys and cowgirls! Each classroom had a different rodeo activity. The cow kids were able to roam freely from room to room to try their hands at each activity.

Let me say, I took over 100 photos for the Rodeo Yearbook Page. Of those, I got some GREAT shots of Dane. You get to see those here.

The milking station before the rush.

Dane and his horse, Bob.
They went on to race through the dessert pass
in one of the classrooms.

Cowboy Dane, Cowboy Denton, and Cowgirl Carrina
wait in line for face painting.

Dane gets his face painted
(for the first time ever in his life)
with an orange star.

Dane pans for gold.
Dane visits the chuck wagon for some "cactus juice"
after a hard morning of cow pokin'.

The stations I don't have pics of Dane at are the movie theater with a bull riding/rodeo video playing, country dancing, and the bean bag throw into a cowboy hat.

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