Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dane's 6th b-day

On Saturday we had a big day celebrating Dane's actual birth date. We went to the mall for his 6 yr. old portraits, walked the mall, where Dane spent 2 of his birthday dollars at the Disney store, and then headed over to Denny's so Dane could use his free meal and dessert coupon. Dane ordered french toast sticks with applesauce and Sprite. For his dessert, he ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae which he did not share! :-)

Later that evening, we celebrated yet again with brownies and family gifts. Two of Clark's friends were over, so I don't have to tell you there were no leftovers!

On Sunday, Ed and Dane hung the new tire swing from Grandad and Granlally. Dane has been on it non stop and has had neighbor friends over to swing on it with him every day. Awesome gift!!

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