Monday, February 23, 2009

Tie-Dye Shirts

This is a photo expo of my attempt to make Tie-Dye American Flag Shirts. (These are for a Talent Show Performance in which Mason needs to be dressed in a Jimmy Hendrick's/70's style. The 2nd shirt is for his guitar teacher and the 3rd was for Dane, who just wanted one!)

I started with brand new 100% cotton t-shirts, Rit Dye, and a bag of rubber bands.

For the top half, Mason and I rubber banded little bunches of the shirt as tightly as we could.
Next the banded parts get a blue dye bath. I used the whole bottle of dye mixed with boiling hot water to get a deep & vibrant color. The shirts stay in the dye for 10 minutes. Since they are not fully submerged, I turned them a couple of times so each side got to be completely under for at least 5 minutes.

They hung out to dry upside down so drips fell to the ground and not on the rest of the white shirt.The next day- Here I folded the shirt in an accordion style then banded it like a little girl's braid.

The braid was submerged for 10 minutes. Again I turned them a couple of times to give each side some time to be submerged in the dark red dye.
The shirts hung outside again, this time with the red side down so the red didn't bleed into the blue.
This is the final product. Not American Flag so much as patriotic. I suppose one could think of the white circles as the stars on the flag and the white lines, that run through the red, as the stripes, if one wanted to reach for the flag parallel!

I am happy with them. They held the color well and will work well for the performance.

The Talent Show is on March 6th. Check back for picture and postings then!

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