Sunday, February 8, 2009

Solo and ensemble contest

Update: Clark received his blue ribbon medal for his I with his ensemble. Thought we would post a picture of the beauty!
On Saturday, my school hosted the Solo and Ensemble Contest. My ensemble consisted of me, Jordan Davis, and Julian Hunter. Jordan is a sophomore, and is 5th chair trombone in our band (he messed up during auditions, he says). Julian is a senior, and is 3rd chair trombone in our band. I am 1st chair trombone in our band. But, anyways, we played for the judge. Our piece was called "The Earl of Oxford's Marche". We all thought we were going to get a II (The rankings are I for best, II for pretty good, III for O.K, and IV for you stink... not really, but that's how students thought of them.) But, we ended up getting a rating of I, and a score of IC. I don't know what IC stands for, but it means that you qualify to move up to the next round of competition, state competition. SOOOOOOO... WE ARE GOING TO STATE, WE ARE GOING TO STATE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! >.<>
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