Saturday, February 21, 2009

Regional Science Fair 2009

Today was the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair in Austin. Mason was one of the kids selected to take their project to Regional from his school. He met with the judge at about 9:15am. (Parents are not allowed to be present when the kids meet with the judge. So all we know is what Mason told us.) The judge asked Mason a few questions, talked about how he could expand on this same project the next year and compete again. Her parting words were, "I love this project!"

You can imagine our surprise and Mason's bitter disappointment when we returned to find his project had been awarded a Red Ribbon/2nd place! Mason was very upset because he took from the judge's comments that he would get a blue. I went up front to confirm the ribbon color was correct. (Let me be clear that my intention was only to confirm not to yell, right a wrong, or lash out at anyone.) I happened to ask the right person who had the box with the judge's sheets. She found Mason's score sheet and confirmed that the judge did award him 2nd place. I thanked her and we walked away.

Mason usually lets thing roll off his back but he was so shocked, it took him awhile to let it go. We tried to put it into perspective, reminding him how he was honored by just being invited to Regionals. Didn't work. Then we rolled out the ..."Did you do your best work?" stuff. We reminded him that originally he didn't want to even do a project and how he was nonplussed when we got a gold at the school fair. We reminded him that he didn't do anything, in the week leading up to Regionals, to prepare. Worked alittle because he answered those questions honestly.

We still went out for a celebratory dinner at his choice of eatery, Baby Accapulcos.

Here is a picture of an unhappy kid being conjoiled to smile for one picture.

As yearbook photographer, I gathered up everyone I could find from our school (several are missing) and took two groups of pictures... older grades and younger grades, plus Mrs. Pynes, our school's fair coordinator and a 3rd grade teacher.

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