Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Face Book

I am now a member of Face Book. If you are on there, too, please look me up so we can be Face Book friends.

This happened because a boy I knew back in 6th grade (he says he was my boyfriend in 6th grade) all the way through 12th grade was wondering where I was. He pulled my marriage license to find out my married name. He tracked me down and called last Friday night. It was so wild having a blast from the past! He told me about all the former LBJ student on Face Book, many, like him, that I haven't seen since graduation. So, I opened an account to see who was there. Sure enough, I have made contact with lots of people from way back when to not so long ago. And, I admit it, Face Book is fun!

So, again, look me up if you are on there!

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