Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebration for Andy

A year ago today, I spotted a little beige dog running across our street. I was worried that he was going to get hit by a car, so we brought him over to the house. Neighborhood kids told us he had been loose in the neighborhood for a week or more and that no one had claimed him. We gave him food, which he scarfed up, and water, which he lapped up. He was so friendly and full of personality that we brought him into the house. He won us over immediately. We named him Andy.

Tonight after dinner, we had a party for Andy. We celebrated his year anniversary with us though we called it his birthday.

Earlier in the day, Mason baked a red velvet cake for the special day. When it had cooled, Dane iced and decorated it.

Andy sniffed at the cake and then decided to give it a lick... or three!
It was a fun little celebration for our sweet baby.
We even sang "Happy Birthday."
(Rex was a little freaked out about being lifted up to the table!
He didn't know what to do with himself!)

I took some cute photos of Andy to mark the year. Enjoy!

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