Thursday, February 19, 2009


This evening my 6-voice acappella group auditioned to sing as an opener for a Round Rock Express game this upcoming season. (This is the same Highland Park group that sang in the Talent Show last April.) Mr. T, the only male member, arranged this for us. When they called us up for our turn, the announcer said, "Mr. T's kids." I started laughing! Mr. T said, "We are all teachers from Highland Park" (well, almost!) to which the announcer said, "Oh, you all look so young!" Yea, right!!

Turn up your computer volume! Have a listen! Lisa Limbaugh and Mr. Ts "kids" This is the actual audition!!!

We were first up. I played a G on the pitch pipe and brought us in. It was so lovely and full sounding! The room had great acoustics! (Usually you try out on the field, but tonight the wind was whipping, so they had auditions inside a banquet room.)

We over heard from an employee that 90 people auditioned on Sunday, the first audition day. There are only 72 home games in the season. I was thinking it must be hard to pick out from so many when they're all singing the same song. Then I heard some of the others! Yikes! I was floored at some of the truly bad singing! It was like a beginning night of American Idol. In the extra hour I stayed after our audition, I only heard one girl who was out and out good. One teen girl changed keys SIX times during her solo attempt! (Yes, I counted!) Her mother who went after her only changed keys FOUR times during her solo!

One way they cut people is on time. You have exactly 1 minute 30 seconds. So, they can cut you for going over the time. Mason timed us at 1 minute 10 seconds. Yeah! Others were not so lucky. Some proceeded to butcher and drag out the song! The axe fell swiftly for them.

So, back to my group. We were all wearing the school tie-dye shirts. We sounded great and finished under time. While I was there, no other group performed a 4-part version or any harmonies at all for that matter. I think we have a great shot at being selected. We will know in about 2 weeks. They send letters to everyone who auditions.

When I find out anything, I will post it here. We are hoping that if we're selected, we'll be given a date while school is in session so we can have a "school night at the ballpark."

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Shannon said...

What lovely song birds you all truly are!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How exciting would that be??. . . to come see our friends singing at an Express game!!