Friday, January 30, 2009

Football Luncheon

With the Super Bowl around the corner, we threw the staff a "Football Tailgater's Luncheon." It was so cool!! I am still a little buzzy from the high of a successful event! Hup, hup!!!

On Thursday night, some of the committee members got together for a set-up night. We decorated the lounge and got the tables set up in the workroom.

Here are pictures of the tables with food!! Yummy! Everything was donated by parents except the chicken nuggets. Chick-Fil-A donated at large nugget tray and we bought a second one.

I even got the Dr. Pepper football shaped bottles donated from a parent who works for Coca-Cola Co. Rockin'!

As a "door prize" we gave away a super cool football toy (look closely at the first table picture). All staff could enter- the principal, my friend Christie, won! It was a completely random drawing! I have witnesses!

It was another completely successful hospitality event. My committee rocks!!!!

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