Friday, May 30, 2008

Dive Bombing Bird

This yellow breasted bird has taken up residence in our backyard tree closest to the porch.

If you walk out into the yard, you get a lot of bird squawking and an aerial view of one mad bird! It even dive bombs the dogs when they step off the porch. It is a little scary watching it come at you!
Turns out this bird is protecting her nest. Wonder where it got all that cotton looking material?
I had the boys come outside to wave their arms and make noise so I could quickly climb a ladder to get a shot. Four eggs!! I hope the babies are hatched and still in the nest when we get back from our trip!

I have tried to ID the bird on some websites but have had no luck. If anyone knows what type of bird this is, please let me know. The yellow color is not something I am used to seeing around here.

UPDATE! The mystery has been solved! Many thanks to Wayne and his "birder" friends!Our bombing bird is a Western Kingbird. Here is a website with more details: Western Kingbird

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rock Quarry Field Trip

Check out this link. field trip video

Mason and class made the Statesman in a video about a field trip to the Rock Quarries. What a nice surprise to find this!

Mason is in a white RR Express shirt and a light blue ball cap. He is shown several times.... walking in, a close up, and again in a few group shots.

Dessert Balls

My friend, Dottie, paid me a huge compliment when she asked me to make desserts for a work function. She said when she thought about social events and pretty food, she thought of me.

I agreed to make desserts for her. I made a white chocolate pistachio cheesecake, mini fruit tarts with blueberry glaze, and a new recipe for Oreo Dessert Balls. (Not to be confused with Alec Baldwin's "schweaty balls.")

The original recipe calls for the balls to be dipped in white chocolate. I decided to dip them in dark chocolate and add white chocolate decoration, since the cheesecake was white chocolate.
Don't they look good????

I was planning on posting the recipe here. I think I will wait until I have taken them around a bit. I want you all to get excited after tasting them before I revile the recipe. Evil, I know!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr. Lubman's birthday party

Today is Mr. Lubman's birthday. We threw him a SURPRISE birthday party in the classroom. Here is how...

Earlier this month when Mr. Lubman was off campus, I took notes up to the class letting parents know about the party, asking for party good donations, and $$ to put towards a class gift. In super sneak mode, I was able to collect $100 cash, paper goods, blowy horn things, and an offer to provide balloons. (I had someone bringing drinks, but she didn't show.)

Last Wednesday, I took a cute bulldog (the school mascot) birthday card up for the class to sign while they were at lunch and Mr. Lubman was in the teacher's lounge. All that was left to do was bake & make the cake! That was my Memorial Day! Here is it... in all it's vanilla glory!

Today, I snuck down to the classroom, after arranging for the "end of the line" kid to leave the door open for me. I set up quickly with another Mom. Then I went down to the lunchroom and "class-napped" the kids 5 minutes early from lunch. It was very hard, in all their excitement, for the class to make it down to their classroom with out running and making noise! But they made it.

Dane helped pull off the next part. He went in to the teacher's lounge wearing his knight helmet with the face protector pulled way down. He gave Mr. Lubman a note that told him of the "class-napping" and instructions he needed to follow to get the kids back. He first had to go to the secretaries in the office and say, "A rooster says cock-a-doodle-do." They gave him the next note that sent him to the library where he had to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" to the principal and anyone else in there! The last note told him to go straight to his room to pick up an item he would need for the next task.

When he got to the room, the kids jumped out from their hiding places screaming, "SURPRISE!!" And was he ever!! He wore a look of disbelief from the moment he walked in until he hit the playground!! He said, "I didn't think anyone knew it was my birthday!" He doesn't know me very well, huh!!! :-) This day has been on my calendar since the beginning of the school year! Ha! Ha!

The awesome balloon bouquet.
Blowing out the candles.
In case you are thinking like some of the brilliant 4th graders there today-
Yes, there are 5 candles on the cake.
No, he is not turning 5 years old! Ha!

Opening the gift.
Mr. Lubman was really shocked at the $100 Visa gift card. He kept asking, "Where did this come from?" It came from the money the kids sent in to go towards the gift.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lubman! Thanks for having a birthday so that we could have a party! Cha, cha, cha!

Piano comes to an end

Clark had his final piano recital on Monday night. Here he is with his piano teacher, Mrs. Kesselring, who has been teaching him since 3rd grade!

It is bitter sweet, after 6 years of lessons, to call it the end. Clark has done so well on the piano and grown musically over the years. In the last 6 months, with the busy schedules we all keep, we were struggling with getting him to lessons every week. As we understand it, his high school band will keep him hopping. Band starts in June and runs off and on all summer. So now just seems like the right time to stop lessons.

Here are a few picture memories from past recitals.
May 23. 2005 age:10
Clark performed "Theme from Star Wars." He was so cute! He had hidden a light saber in his jacket. When he got to the piano for his turn, he turned to the audience and whipped it out in a dramatic style! Everyone laughed, including Mrs. Kesselring, who didn't know he was going to do that! See the light saber on the top of the piano.
December 12, 2005 age: 11
Clark awaits his turn to play his piece. See how young he looks!!

Clark may be done with piano for now, but I bet money that music will be in his long term future whether that be piano, trombone, or some other instrument. He has the music bug and the musical talent gift!

Go to this!

hey all!
I am playing this new game, ad I want you to check it out! go here.

O.k. That is all.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Afternoon Football

Back in the fall, Mason "won" a play session with his teacher in a silent auction. It was originally supposed to be an afternoon of basketball, then it changed to a movie, finally they settled on football. Apparently this is what Mason and classmates play at recess. Mr. Lubman is a dual quaterback. The game is "two hand touch" rules instead of tackling.

Here is an action shot of Mason going for a touchdown.

Football players lf to rt:
Brandon, William, Dijshon, Dylan, Mr. Lubman, Kenneth, Mason

It was a hot day! I took up iced down gatorade, bottled water, and snacks. They all seemed to have a fun, hot, and sweaty time! Rumor has it they were stinky, too. I didn't get close enough to find out! I drove a couple of them home with the windows DOWN!

Bulldog Honor Choir Concert

Tuesday night was the "End-of-the-Year" choir concert for Mason and the Bulldog Honor Choir. Their theme was "It's all about Jazz." They sang five songs that I call mainstream jazz..... Route 66 & Birdland are two.

Mason was on the top riser on the end. I caught him between songs with his hands in his pocket!

Mason has declared he will not join choir again next year. In fact, he has asked to quit off and on over the last few weeks because it is "not fun." We wouldn't let him though. As with team sports, we applied our family policy to his request. Once you join a team/choir, you must finish out the commitment. The next year, at sign up time, you can decide to join or not again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lamp DYI

DIY part 2
Short version: Before and after.
$3 lamp base, spray paint, cheap shade, ribbon and beads.......
..............Ta Dah!
Also for the guest room/ man cave.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

DYI project

Just wanted to show my before and after pictures of my DIY screen. I found the wooden panels for a $1 a piece and two rolls of fabric panels from IKEA for a $1 a piece at a garage sale a few weeks ago. (Remember the electric guitar post? Same garage sale day.)

A few cans of spray paint, 6 little hinges, and one more roll of the fabric, from Ikea, at the full price of $14.99...... Ta-Dah! I have a screen to hide the exercise equipment in the Man Cave/Guest Bedroom. Not bad, huh?

Let me add, I went garage sale shopping that morning with "screen" on my list. I never did see one for sale. Fine by me, I like my DIY one very much!!

Teacher Appreciation

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we gave Mason's teacher, Mr. Lubman, a gift card to Golden Wok (super yum!) and an offer to babysit his two girls. Mr. Lubman's wife is also a teacher at our school. We know how may hours they put in so we thought they might enjoy a night out alone. They did!

It occurred to me that the Lubman's might not be comfortable leaving their girls with people other than family. I mentioned that to Mr. Lubman and told him it would not hurt our feelings should that be the case. He replied, "I have your son all day!" Good point!!!

Saturday night Annalysa and Ava came over! It was so nice to have girls over!! Once they were comfortable with us, it was smooth sailing! We found some toys that were young enough for Ava- yeah for Little People! Annalysa and Dane played together going between the race car sets and the castle play set. They played on the play scape outside, and later Ed walked the big kids down to the neighborhood play scape for a romp. Ava and I walked around outside eventually settling in for a swing on the back porch swing.

As it got dark, everyone got in PJs. We made a big pallet on the floor out of sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. We popped some popcorn and played a movie called "Home on the Range.

lf to rt: Annalysa, Dane with Snoopy, Ava with Cheetah, and Mason.
Clark flopped on the sofa.

The best part of the night was signing lullabies and rocking Ava to sleep! It was a sweet moment that reminds me why babies are so special! No, I don't want another one of my own but I would love to watch Ava and Annalysa again!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Diversity Fair

Mason's school held Diversity Night on Friday night. 19 countries were represented by booths. We asked Grandad to bring all of his instruments from around the world to set up an "International Music" booth. Below are pictures of the booth and Grandad and Granlally talking with visitors to their booth.

There were other things going on... a children's costume fashion show, a step-team, a karate exposition....... My favorite was the Chinese Dragon dancers. There were 3 dragons performing. It was so neat!! Of the many photos I took of the dragons, I am only posting two~ my favorites.

Next year, come Diversity Fair time, I am going to have to get my hands on some lederhosen and three corner hats so my boys can represent Germany in the fashion show!

Friday, May 16, 2008

PreK Graduation

Today was Dane's preschool graduation ceremony. It was a cute little ceremony. The kids sang some songs and did a little action poem about growing bigger.

The convocation.

The Performance.

The graduating ceremony.
(Dane crosses the stage for his diploma from Ms. Diane and
Day School Board President Justin Montandon

The Graduate.

The Guests.

The Teachers.
(Ms. Diane, Dane, & Ms. Linda)

The ceremony was followed by pizza, fruit, and cookies. It was a fun little event!

We took video of the ceremony. We will try to put it on here as a movie this weekend. Be sure to check back!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Music and Entertainment studio tour!

Hey, all. remember how I told you about the Guitar Hero tournament? Well, I finally got to go to the studio, and it was cool! here is a picture of us at the place were they record the "Bobby Bones show".
Here are some of the guitars they had at the studio.
Sorry about the formating, I can't seem to get it right.
We went to "Freeb!rds, world burrito" for lunch. It was awesome!
O.K, that's all for now!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sneak Peek Party

Last night, Friday, I hosted a "Sneak Peek Party," for my yearbook committee, at my house. This gathering was to celebrate the finished yearbook and peek at a newly published copy. (see cover, drawn by our art teacher, above)

As usual, I made too much! There were mixed breads for sandwich makings, sandwich fillings, salads, fruits and veggies, chips and dips.... too much, but a beautiful spread! You can't see the margaritas in this picture but they were there!!

For me, the best dish was a new one. It is called "Cold Cucumber Salad." (see below) It was soooooo delicious, I just have to share the recipe with everyone. I found it on the Food Network website. It is a Paula Dean Recipe.

2 cucumbers
1 teaspoon salt- I used a mixture of crushed sea salt and regular table salt
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
Freshly ground black pepper.

Peel and slice the cucumbers and put them in a glass bowl. Sprinkle them with salt and vinegar. Cover and let stand for 30 minutes. Pour off the excess liquid and drain in colander for about 30 minutes to allow complete drainage. Add the mayonnaise, sour cream, dill and pepper, and mix well. Cover and refrigerate until serving time. (I added 3x more chopped dill than called for in the recipe.)

Last game of the Spring season

The Spring 2008 soccer season has come to an end for Dane and the Pink Panthers. He had a GREAT game! He scored two goals out of the three his team made. He was on fire with several "break-aways" that were nearly goals! It was a great way to wind up the season! Here are some random shots of Dane in action:

The Pink Panthers got their end of the season trophies.
Dane is very excited as now his trophy collection is up to three!
Eddie, Dane, Zoe, Sydney, BJ, Rachel

The last team talk and cheer with Coach Angela.

Go Pink Panthers!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Inaugural spring fishing trip

Today we Limbaugh boys took our inaugural spring fishing trip. We followed a scenic route from Pflugerville through Georgetown, out to the outskirts of Burnet, then back to Georgetown to the Cedar Bend park. (We'll be sure to Google the directions next time, heh heh.) The Cantu's joined us, and together we managed to drown quite a few worms in Lake Georgetown! Everybody caught a fish except Olivia, who seemed to enjoy picking wildflowers more than watching bobbers. We didn't catch any lunkers, but the kids didn't care because they were were having too much fun pulling bait-stealing panfish out of the water. Here are a few shots from our expedition today:

"Did you catch that fish yet?" "No, he stole my bait -- again!"

Dane was the proudest of his catch. He declared it so
big that we had to use the net to pull it in! (Look closely!
There really is a fish in that net!)

Mason's biggest catch of the day!

Clark caught the most today, reeling in
7 fish weighing a grand total of 12 ounces!

We had a great time, but I think next time I'll try scheduling a fishing trip with just David. We both spent more time tying lines and baiting hooks than actually fishing. We might have better luck if our lines hit the water for more than 3 minutes!