Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday News

First the sad news.... Mason's team, the Blue Dawgs, lost their game in the semi finals today. The other team had two boys that didn't miss a shot the whole game! The final score was 35 to 42. The Blue Dawgs end the season in a respectable position of 3rd place.

Exciting news..... Clark tried out and made the Highschool Jazz Band! He is the only fish trombonist that made it into one of the 5 trombone chairs. He is also the only trombonist to make it from second band. The other four trombonist are all in first band. He is super excited!

In other news...... Here are two photos that the band photographer posted on her website. They were taken at the Alamodome on November 29, 2008. Original Post

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