Monday, December 15, 2008

Schlitterbahn Hill Country Christmas

On Sunday, we drove down to New Braunfels with our friends, the Cantus. After dinner, at the unusually slow Mamacita's, we headed over to the Schlitterbahn Hill Country Christmas. We anticipated cool weather by dusk but were instead tricked with temperatures in the mid 70s. Ugh! We were over dressed and sweaty!

The kids had the most fun with the fake snow, miniature train set-ups, and sledding. I enjoyed the Christmas tree light show with lights set to popular Christmas music of today.

I forgot my camera but was lucky to have Shannon's available to me. (Thanks, Shannon!)

The Christmas Tree Light Show
The trees were on the Comal River.
There was a bright reflection in the water.

Ed flies down the sled ride.

Clark flies down, too!

The fake snow falling out of the sky.
Turns out it is soap bubble clusters.
Dane, Vanessa, and Ian playing in the snow.

Simon and Mason in the snow,
I love this shot of Simon.
He looks so happy!!

The Limbaugh Family Picture

The Cantu Family Picture
Dane slides down a mushroom tunnel.
Notice he is wearing his new snow boots.

Vanessa and park themed character, Schotzie.

We met up with Grandad half way through the park. We even bumped into Grandlally two times, who was there with her girlfriends. They got us "discount tickets." That is a perk for them working part time over the holiday. Thank you!

The boys and Grandad.

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