Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long Time Friends

Monday, we had a small gathering that consisted of Ed, myself, Phyllis, and Terrence. This is part of a group that has been friends for a long time! In fact, Phyllis and Terrence were both in our wedding party way back when! The missing people were Rodney, who lives in Corpus Christie now, and Denise who lives in North Carolina with her new husband Rob. They were all missed! Oh, as a matter of fact, Denise and Rodney were also in our wedding party!! So great, that we are all still friends!

Ed and Terrence tried out Guitar Hero.
This was the first time for Terrence.
Terrence enjoyed it so much he played a few songs against Clark!

Other than Guitar Hero, we mostly sat around drinking Almond Champagne that Terrence brought from California with him and chatting. As always, it was great to spend time with them and catch up!

Phyllis headed back to her stomping grounds in South Austin. Terrence caught a plane back to California bright and early this morning.

I think we may drive out to California this summer to go to Lego Land and visit Terrence and Dennis!

Oh, Dennis and Charlie- you two were missed as well, even though you, like Rob, you were not in our wedding party!! :-)

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