Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In search of snow- day 4

This post can also be titled "Pistachios, Tubing, & SNOW!"

First, the pistachios! Pistachio orchards are all over the place in this area. When we first started seeing them, I thought they were pecan orchards. Nope! Pistachios trees! So on our way to go tubing, we stopped off at a road side store built next to an orchard. This place had grape vines and a winery, too.
My Limbaugh nuts holding up a gigantic pistachio!

One of the ladies in the store was an author. She wrote and illustrated a book on New Mexico animals that was just perfect for Dane. She autographed it and posed with him for a picture. What a great souvenir for Dane!

Sonya Devine and Dane with the book,
"The Enchanted Desert, A Counting Backwards Book."
Secondly, the tubing! We drove to Riodoso, New Mexico to tube at a place called Winter Wonderland. I previously mentioned it as Ski Apache in an earlier post. We bought tickets for a 3 hour block and turned it loose! Being sun worshiping Texans, we all layered up in long johns, snow boots, thick snow socks, coats, hats, gloves, and neck warmers (made by my Oma') in anticipation of cold fun.

The conveyor belt that takes people to the top of the runs.
Clark, Mason, Ed, and Dane going up!

Dane makes the first run down!

Next comes Ed!
Mason is next!
Here's Clark!
Ed and Dane try out a double tube.
Lisa & Dane wait in line to go up the conveyor belt.
Dane pulls his tube to the end of the run.
Great shot of Clark sliding down sideways!
Mason pulls his tube to the end of the run.

Lastly, the SNOW!! As if the Gods of the Mountains (the name of a local resort and casino) heard our deepest wishes, it started to snow. Not just a few flurries- thick, fast, white balls of snow!!! We were so excited to get real snow!! Check out the snow falling in these pictures.....

Self Snowy Portrait

Huge flakes fall on Mason.
Clark has snow all over his hood.
Heavy snow falls as Clark goes up the conveyor belt.
Dane is up to some heavy work as he lifts a big snow ball!
We stopped in Riodoso for lunch then headed back to Alamogordo. We pulled over at one point to collect pine cones that had fallen on the side of the road. We have about a dozen to bring home.

I have several short videos of the sledding but will save those for another time. We are packing up for an early wake up. We are planning to drive all the way home tomorrow. We will get home late on Christmas Eve. Maybe Santa will beat us there??? The boys are anxious to find out!

Operation In Search of Snow- Successful!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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