Monday, December 22, 2008

In search of snow- day 3

-This morning we ventured over to the New Mexico Museum of Space History on the campus of New Mexico State University. There was a lot to see starting outside the building.

Interesting fact- The first chimp to go in space, HAM, is buried just in front of the small wall in the picture above.

We moved inside to browse through the 4 floors of exhibits. The boys and I moved through more quickly then Ed. Here are some shots from inside.

A real piece of Moon rock brought back to earth by the Apollo 11.
It is enclosed in the prism of glass which is housed inside another case of glass.
The boys and the view of the city from the 3rd floor.
An over head exhibit of satellites.

At an interactive exhibit, the boys had a little extra fun!
Too funny!

Ed stayed at the museum while the boys and I ran over to the IMAX theater across the parking lot. We watched the movie entitled, "Blue Planet." It was a movie about Earth as seen from space. It was a good one and educational, too.

For lunch we visited a local Mexican restaurant called "Si Senor." The flavors had subtle differences from that of the Tex Mex we love to eat. We all cleaned our plates!

Next was a trip back out to the White Sands. Here is video from there.




We haven't found snow yet, other than glimpses of white on distant mountain tops. So, our friendly hotel clerk has pointed us in the right direction. Tomorrow we head to a place close to Riodosa to "Ski Apache" for sledding and tubing on man-made snow. It is only about 45 minuets from here. Yeah! Tomorrow will be the big day!
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