Sunday, December 21, 2008

In search of snow- day 2

We left Fort Stockton in the morning and headed West! It was a long boring drive but made bearable with a few scenic moments like these.


Side story: When looking at the above cactus, I was thinking of the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. I asked the boys, "Who does that plant look like?" Mason and Dane yelled out, "Mr. Brown!" (Mr. Brown is a teacher from their school who has stand up hair. He is also Mason's guitar teacher. For a look at the hair, check out the post about the awards ceremony. He is in the picture with the coaches biting their medals. Mr. Brown is in the baby blue shirt.)

It was exciting to cross into Mountain Time Zone. We got an hour back!

Just when we thought we would never see civilization again, we got to El Paso, Texas! Whew! It was a real city! We stopped for lunch and gas then got back on the road heading North West. Finally, we crossed into New Mexico!!
It was only about 60 miles to our home base of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Here is a scenic shot, followed by the view from our hotel!

The Sacramento Mountains
We checked into our hotel and made nice with the clerk. She gave us some tips about the city. She also loaned us the round sleds for the White Sands Monument. Off we ran, 15 miles West, to the Monument.

This place is incredible! You go into another world completely foreign to all you know. I took a ton of pictures! I have tried to narrow it down to the best. Get ready- it is amazing! So much so, we are planning to go back tomorrow to hike some of the paths and forge deeper into this white world. For your viewing pleasure, in the order they were taken....

See? I told you it was amazing! How many times did you think you were looking at snow?? It is sand!!! And what another amazingly colored sunset! It was like floating candy floss in hues of pink.

Good night!

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