Saturday, December 20, 2008

In search of snow- day 1

We left the house around 11:45am. After a few stops and a quick trip to Ed's office, we actually got going about 12:45 - 1:00pm.

We are in Fort Stockton, Texas for the night. It is a small town with little more than hotels, a few places to eat, and a lot of trucks! We have learned that this is an oil town. All the trucks belong to the oil industry workers. My impressions of this little town are not good. Every place we attempted to dine in had bad hostesses and long food waits. We ended up walking to a KFC/Taco Bell place a few blocks behind the hotel. Talk about crummy! It had bad service, was out of food, and had higher than what we normally see at this type of place prices.

The high light of the trip, so far, is the West Texas sunset! The colors of reds, pinks, oranges, and purple are Mother Nature's best work. I pulled over for a quick shot of the amazing canopy of colors. Stunning!!

I tried to get another shot, a few miles down the road, of a ruby red- purplish color that I have never before seen in the sky. Unfortunately, it was too dark. I couldn't get it on film. It will be etched in my memory forever though!

Tomorrow we make the rest of the drive to Alamogordo, New Mexico in search of snow!

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