Monday, December 29, 2008

Home for christmas x3

We got home from our Winter trip on Christmas Eve. To our delight, Santa had beaten us there! Yeah! The boys excitedly opened Santa's gifts, stockings, and then went straight to the gifts under the tree!
Here are a couple of shots of Santa gifts.....

Mom's dog, Rajah, got into the gift opening fun too.
Christmas Day we went to Mom & Roger's to spend the holiday with them, Nana, and later the Tiemans. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! So I can only tell you about the nice meal we ate there, the great presents we opened, and how nice it was to see my Nephew Phillip.

That night Dane slept in the living room with his new house shoes on. So cute, he was, we had to snap a photo.

On Sunday morning, Granlally, Grandad, and Oma came to our house for breakfast and presents. They brought a gift for Dane half his size!
Grandlally helped Dane tear into it!

Ta da! Just what Dane wanted!

All dressed up!
Mason got an official Turkish soccer practice jacket.
And the thing he wanted the most....
A custom made "Goomby" deck!
"Ace" is Mason's skater nickname.
Clark got the gifts favored by teens across the USA,
I Tunes Card and Cash-ola!
Here are some shots of O'ma and Grandad opening gifts.

While everyone played with their new goodies, Oma, Lally, Ed, and I played "Chicken Foot." Lally won the game! She says it is the first time EVER that she has won playing against family members. (Ok, so we are all a lot competitive!)

We had a nice time with everyone and we appreciate all the wonderful gifts!

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