Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shannon's surprise

Shannon turns 40 on Monday. On Saturday, we had a surprise party for her. Lots of people showed up to celebrate--make that MOURN the passing of her youth. There was a black theme to the night and black arm bands. Everyone brought an appetizer or finger food dish to share. There was lots of yummy & creative things to try.

I haven't heard a word from Shannon today so I guess she is still mad at me! Nonetheless, here are pictures from the night.

The adults played a new party game called "two truths and one lie." On an index card, everyone writes down 3 statements- 2 truths and 1 one lie- about themselves without signing it. One person reads each card, one at a time. The group has to decide who wrote the card based on the statements. Once the writer is figured out, the group hears the three statements again. Now the group has to figure out which statement is a lie.

It was a great way to find out interesting facts about people you know well already and a great way to get to know people who were new to the group. You also find out who are good liars!

Happy Birthday, Shannon!

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Shannon said...

1st, let me say, what a super surprise to find all the friendly faces & good food in honor of my "big" b-day. Many thanks to the hosts & all who made it a fun night. AND I was mad, at the situation that got me to the party -- lack of communication, confusion, waiting & more waiting. ("E" for David's effort in the process & "U" for execution.) It is good to be friends w/THE party queen, Lisa. :)