Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little guys

Dane is into drawing and writing, BIG TIME. He will spend all afternoon with paper, markers, and scissors and never get bored.

He drew these little guys on one sheet. He then went back to cut them out. I like how they are all so different and that they all have names and a story.

Character #1 is named Mojo. He is waving to a friend.
Character #2 is named Jamie. He is going over to a friend's house to play with toys. See how he is pointing to where he is going?
Character #3 is named Kenneth. He got zapped by lightening. (Sure looks like it to me!)

Dane drew this birthday card and gave it to me. His narrative- Dane and Mom are dreaming together. The line connects their dreams. Mom is dreaming of hearts. Dane is dreaming of flowers.

It says,"To Mom and Dad. Happy Birthday. To Love Mom."

For a boy who didn't ask for any help, I think his attempt to spell happy birthday was a good one. I knew right away what it was! We are amazed at Dane's drive and excitement about letters, words, and spelling.

This afternoon, I was sharing with his teacher how Dane likes to play spelling games at home. Like, he will say, "What is different about the word "cat" and the word "sat?" We play dumb and he tells us the correct answer, "One starts with a "c" and the other one starts with a "s." He does the same for ending sounds. He also has figured out blending sounds like "sh."

His teacher smiled and said back, "I nominated him for GT (gifted and talented) because he has everything it takes. I didn't ask you, I just did it! I figured I would tell you at some point!" This news is exciting! We have no idea what kind of testing they give a kindergarten student for GT entry. We may not know until it is over. Whatever happens regarding GT, we are so excited to watch Dane take off in Kindergarten. He is eager to learn and always has the answer, according to his fabulous teacher!

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