Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hawks win Regional Playoff

NEWSFLASH- The next game is Saturday, Dec. 6th at 2:00pm at the Hays ISD Stadium in Kyle.

All the way to the Alamodome, for the Regional playoff game, we went. It was the Hendrickson Hawks vs. the Port Lavaca Sand Crabs.

It was exciting to watch the game in that arena. Having the big screens at the ends of the field was a treat. They would show replays and "fan cam" moments.

The Hawks dominated the first half of the game ending at half time with a score of 17 to 3.

The band played their Texas set. It is not as great as their marching show. They played to the home side which was the Calhoun side.

Our band stood in the end zone to watch the Calhoun band. They were smaller in number and didn't have nearly as much echo as our band did. (Clark is in the front row to the left of the bass clarinet.)
I caught Clark back in his seat after their performance.

The second half started with a change in the air! The Hawks got run over and had to fight to stay on top. In the end, the Hawks won with a score of 31 to 30! It was too close for my comfort-- and everyone elses !! The noise/cheering/hooting was intense! But at last, it was over.

Rumor has it the next game will be in the UT stadium next weekend. That will be something else, if it is true! I guess we will get official word on Monday or Tuesday.

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