Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bulldog Basketball Club

Mason had his fourth basketball game today. The Blue Dawgs went into it undefeated, ranked 1st place. They held the lead in the game until the last quarter where they lost by 9 points. This means they will probably fall to third or fourth place in the rankings now. I will know tomorrow when they post the results of all the games from this week.

Here are some action shots of Mason playing... By the way, he hit two 3 point shots, in the first half, that were SWEET!

Team Pre-Game Pep Talk with Coach Lubman
Go Blue Dawgs!

Mason played point guard.

Mason goes head to head with his buddy Dijshon,
from the Baby Blue Bombers.
Mason shoots!
Too bad I didn't catch the ball in the picture!
I got to help a tiny bit with this basketball club. It was my job to round up 8 team sponsors. One of them happens to be his Nanny & Poppy's business, Dyer Transmissions. Of course, Mason is on that team as player #9. (My lucky number, as it turns out!)

Team Blue Dawgs
Hopefully the Blue Dawgs can finish out their 4 last games with only wins! We shall see!

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