Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Fair Safari

As committee chair of the book fair, I have been working for the last month and a half to make this event grand. I ended up with a fabulous committee who have been willing to put in the work. Together we have planned and laid the ground work for what is sure to be a fun time and big $$ maker for the library.

Today was the opening of the book fair. Parents could come shop but the classes all came through to preview the books offered. Tuesday is "Dress like a Animal Day." Kids can dress up for fun but it is serious for the staff! They are going to be in a school wide voting contest with the top 3 vote earns getting one of the prizes we got donated. There will also be a 4th winner who will be picked as "committee favorite."

I will blog as the week's events unfold but for now, here are some pics taken on Saturday at our "set-up" day.

Library doors.
We have raised over $200 with the One for Books donations!....
one dollar at a time!

Teacher Wish Boxes.
Teacher's came in today after school to fill their Wish Boxes.
This gives students an opportunity to buy a book for their classroom/teacher.
While this helps with sales, the main purpose is to build classroom libraries.

Book fair carts full of great books!
A camping scene.
This is where kids can visit Clifford on the Family Shopping Morning
and the Family Shopping Night later this week.

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