Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Fair Post Celebration

To celebrate the success of the book fair some of the book fair committee members got together for a post celebration. We met up at a Pflugerville Mexican restaurant called Casa Garcia's at 5:00 on Saturday. We had 14 people come out for the food and fun.

It was great to have social time with these great people and toast our successes with margaritas and beer. We passed the camera around the table. Here are some of the shots.

The Book Fair Committee... taken by the waiter, lucky him!

Andy & Ronnie
Andy was my star volunteer. He worked a shift every day and came to all the meetings. (Andy's wife, Michelle, only missed one day so she gets a gold star too.)
Ronnie was amazing too. He got all the boxes, for the wish boxes, from his work and he played Clifford at the family night. He also made every meeting and worked a shift!

Christie & Leslie
Christie is our fabulous principal and a great story teller!
Leslie is our fabulous librarian and so sharply witted!
They both had us laughing hysterically!

Jennifer (Ronnie's wife) and Michelle
Lisa & Shannon
Awesome in every way!
Nothin' else to say!!

He worked 2 shifts and lives in my neighborhood.
Mr. T , the artistic teacher who created the trees
around the library door, joined us.
He gets gold stars for his beautiful work and support!

The group was there for a couple of hours. The last seven stayed until 8:30p. The last five of us didn't leave until 9:30pm. They locked the doors behind us! Cheers!

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