Monday, November 10, 2008

Book Fair Day 4 & 5

Thursday (Day 4) was a really long day. We opened for regular shopping hours at 8:00am then closed at 3:15pm. Mason had a basketball game and it was cookie dough pick up before the book fair opened for Family Night. Ed was still in Virginia so it was great to have Mom here helping with the boys.

At 6:00 sharp we opened our doors to waiting families. Clifford was there again. We had door prize coupons, a guessing game, monkey tattoos, and wild animal stickers for the kids. I took charge of the teacher wish boxes stopping every parent that came in the door to tell them all about it. Any that slipped past me, I would catch at the check out. Most people liked what I was saying and went straight over to pick out a book to buy for their teachers. Interestingly, I noticed it was the same teachers that had people buying books for them while others had no one there to whom I could sale.

People looking for books to buy their teachers.

A crowd of people shopping in the library.
Clifford greets them coming and going!
Friday (Day 5) we opened at 8:00am. I was on the TV announcements reminding the students that they had until 1:00pm to shop. To my delight, we had a steady stream of kids and parents coming for last minute shopping! At 1:00pm, we started boxing and packing. We sold so much that the task of packing up went quickly.... having a nice number of volunteers there helped too!

At 1:45 I got on the PA system to call the door prize winners & guessing game winners down to the library to pick up their prize. I picked out $100 worth of books for prizes plus we were allowed to give away the posters we displayed on the library wall during the fair. We had a lot of prizes and a lot of happy winners!

All in all, the book fair was a smash event! It was fun, high energy, detailed, organized, and successful! We had close to $7,500 in sales which is double what was made the last two years. I will have the exact number soon. The office is doing the final total of everything we turned in. I will post that when I find out.

Now that you have read about the big week, what would you say if I told you I was sick the entire time? It's true! I was miserable! But I didn't have time to be sick so I sucked it up and did what I needed to do! Plus, I was so well organized on the front of it that I could be a little dazed out the first couple of days into the fair.

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