Sunday, November 9, 2008

Book Fair Day 3

Wednesday morning we opened the book fair for morning shopping from 7am to 7:40am. In that hour and 4o minutes, we sold just under $1000 worth of product! WOW! We had a great turn out and a great dad playing Clifford.
This is Shawn Dillion and his daughter, Shea.

After the morning rush, Shannon and I went door to door for the costume contest voting. It took ALL DAY and we still missed one Kinder class that was never in their room when we came by. Oh, well! Here are the winners- prizes were local restaurants that donated gift certificates to us.

First place-
Fruit Bat Fletcher- $25 to Baby Acapulco's Restaurant

Second Place-
Snake Enchantress Jackson- $25 to Red Robin's
Third Place- (won with humor votes)
Butterfly Lubman- $25 to Wing Stop

Committee Favorite
Ladybug Tolleson- $25 to Red Lobster

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