Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Fair Day 2

Day 2 of the book fair is over! It was a regular shopping day along with "Dress Like an Animal Day." Lots of kids dressed up and 33 staff members dressed for the contest. (Other staff dressed up a little bit but not full out for the contest.) While volunteers manned the book fair, I went and took pictures of all the dressed up staff members and some pictures of dressed up kids too. I then went to Walmart to get instant photos for the voting poster. Tomorrow I will go class to class, with the posters, letting the students vote for their 3 favorite costumed staff members. Then the committee will pick a fourth winner. Here are some of my favorite pictures from today........

Mrs Craddock's Class
including Spider Mason & Skunk Simon

Ian the Dog
Mr. Lubman's class
(Mason's teacher from last year but still a favorite of ours!)

Mrs. Jackson & class of jackels
Some very cute 4th graders!

Dane the Alligator
(Thanks Harkeys for the loan!)
Wednesday is Family Morning Shopping Day. We will open at 7:00am so parents who can't come during the day, can come in early to shop with their kids. I need to be there at 6:50am to help Clifford into costume and get my volunteers into position. That being said, good night!!

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